OzDASL Zip Data File

Wind and Weather for Nowra

Keywords: time series with covariates


Weather and wind data at 3 hour intervals for Nowra, New South Wales, during 1989.

Variable Description

Month01 - 12
DayDay of month
HourHour of day
PressureBarometric pressure
WetTempWet bulb temperature
DryTempDry bulb temperature
HumidityRelative humidity in percent. Missing values indicated by `-99'.
DirectionWind direction 0 - 16, North is either 16 or 1. Missing values indicated by `-1'.
SpeedWind speed in knots. Missing values indicated by `-1'.
RainfallRainfall in mm since last observation


Data supplied by Chris Trevitt and Margaret MacKisack. Originally from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.


OzDASL Zip Data File

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