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Adverbs are usually formed by adding t to the corresponding adjective.

so (eg I am so glad), that (eg can't walk that far); as (eg twice as much); next (eg what will you do next?); then (eg then it must be a mistake); so (cf derfor, eg he was not here, so I came back). In everyday speach one could say så på meaning `so that is why'
så at so that (eg he forget his key, so he coudn't get in)
derfor so, therefore (eg no one at home, so I left); that is why, for that reason; all the same, anyway; for it (eg he gave me $10 for it)
der er derfor jeg er her that is why I am here
følgelig so; consequently

meget very
særlig particularly
ikke særlig not especially
lidt a little. lidt for lang a little too long
for too
nok enough
ondt painfully. Jeg har ondt i hovedet I have a pain in the head

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