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Web Programming

This page deals with HTTP (the Web server protocol), CGI (programs that can be run from a browser) and Perl (the string manipulation language of choice for most Web programmers). See Web Authoring if you want to know what to actually put in a Web document.


Site Search Engines

The following search engines consist of just one or two Perl scripts, and are suitable for small to medium sites.

The search engines below are written in C with Web interfaces in Perl. Installation is more involved than for the engines above, but indexing and searching is generally faster. These engines are typically server orientated. That is, they are designed for installation by Web server administrators, with individual users able to configure their own index files.

For high end commercial search engines capable of handling very large sites, see the reviews by the US Department of Education and Network Computing Magazine.

For information on other search engines, see the survey by Search Engine Watch.


Web Site Hosting


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