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Doing a PhD in my Lab

The WEHI and the Bioinformatics Division in particular provide an exciting and supportive environment for students.

I have openings for new students to start in early 2016. A number of projects are available for students to develop new computational and statistical methods for analysing genomic data, especially data from RNA-seq, ChIP-seq and related technologies.

Projects might include the analysis of single cell RNA-seq, or detection of splice variants, or the analysis of higher order expression signatures representing biological pathways or cell fates, or integrative analyses combining information from a number of different technologies. Projects may also include the analysis of data from emerging technologies. Projects will involve collaborations with biomedical researchers in other laboratories working on breast cancer and other diseases.

These projects would suit students with a background in mathematics, statistics, genetics or computer science etc.

All PhD students need to win a PhD scholarship, usually through the University of Melbourne. For more details about scholarships and about being a student at the WEHI, see http://www.wehi.edu.au/education.



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