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Selling Price of Antique Grandfather Clocks

Keywords: multiple regression


The data give the selling price at auction of 32 antique grandfather clocks. Also recorded is the age of the clock and the number of people who made a bid.

Variable Description

Age Age of the clock (years)
Bidders Number of individuals participating in the bidding
Price Selling price (pounds sterling)


Data File (tab-delimited text)


The data are from Mendenhall and Sincich (1993, page 173). Professor WR Stephenson at Iowa State University observes that the currency should be pounds sterling and not dollars as stated in Mendenhall and Sincich (1993).

Mendenhall, W, and Sincich, TL (1993). A Second Course in Statistics: Regression Analysis, 6th Edition, Prentice-Hall.
Professor WR Stephenson, Department of Statistics, Iowa State University. Clock data from Stat 401.


I have used this data set as a first example of multiple regression to each linear modelling at the University of Queensland. It is a nice small example with only two predictor variables.



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