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Cholesterol Levels after Heart Attack

Keywords: paired-samples t test, two-sample t test, repeated measures


A study was conducted at a major north eastern American medical centre regarding blood cholesterol levels and heart-attack incidents. A total of 28 heart-attack patients had their cholesterol levels measured two days, 4 days, and 14 days after the attack. In addition, cholesterol levels were recorded for a control group of 30 people who had not had a heart attack. The units of cholesterol measurement are not given in the original reference but are presumably mg/dL of blood.

Variable Description

Patient Patient number
Group 1 = heart-attack patient, 2 = control
Day Numbers of days since heart attack
Cholest Cholesterol level



Ryan, B. F., Joiner, B. L., and Ryan Jr, T. A. (1985). Minitab Handbook Second Edition. Duxbury Press, Boston.

The data is given in Table 1.1 and is attributed as being "from a study conducted by a major northeastern medical center".



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