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Depression Before and After an Earthquake

Keywords: repeated measures analysis of variance.


Nolen-Hoeksema and Morrow (1991) had the good fortune to have measured depression among college students 2 weeks before the Loma Prieta earthquake in California in 1989. Nolen-Hoeksema and Morrow collected repeat data to track the students’ adjustments to the earthquake. Measurements were taken every 3 weeks starting 2 weeks before the earthquake to 10 weeks after. The data were recreated by Howell (1999) based on the Nolen-Hoeksema and Morrow findings. Each row gives the depression scores for one student.

Variable Description

Week0 Depression scores 2 weeks before the earthquake
Week3 Depression scores one week the quake
Week6 Depression scores 4 weeks after the quake
Week9 Depression scores 7 weeks after the quake
Week12 Depression scores 10 weeks after the quake


Data File (tab-delimited text)


Nolen-Hoeksema, S., and Morrow, J. (1991). A prospective study of depression and posttraumatic stress symptoms after a natural disaster: The 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 61, 115-121.
Howell, D. C. (1999). Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, 4th Edition. Duxbury Press, Pacific Grove, California.




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