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Pock Lesions on Chick Embryos

Keywords: overdispersion, quasi-likelihood, Poisson, negative-binomial


A study was conducted concerning the counts of lesions produced on membranes of chick embryos by viruses of the pox group. The data give the numbers of lesions formed at a series of dilutions of the viral medium.

Variable Descriptions

Dilution Dilution of viral medium, from 1 to 32
Count Number of lesions


Data File (tab-delimited text)


Breslow, N. E. (1990). Further studies in the variability of pock counts. Statistics in Medicine 9, 615-626.

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The mean is approximately proportional the log-dilution. The data appear to be overdispersed relative to the Poisson distribution but underdispersed relative to the negative binomial distribution.


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