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American Football Punters

Keywords: multiple regression


Investigators studied physical characteristics and ability in 13 football punters. Each volunteer punted a football ten times. The investigators recorded the average distance for the ten punts, in feet. They also recorded the average hang time (time the ball is in the air before the receiver catches it) for the ten punts, in seconds. In addition, the investigators recorded five measures of strength and flexibility for each punter: right leg strength (pounds), left leg strength (pounds), right hamstring muscle flexibility (degrees), left hamstring muscle flexibility (degrees), and overall leg strength (foot-pounds). From the study "The relationship between selected physical performance variables and football punting ability" by the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1983.

Variable Description

DistanceDistance travelled in feet
HangTime in air in seconds
R_StrengthRight leg strength in pounds
L_StrengthLeft leg strength in pounds
R_FlexibilityRight leg flexibility in degrees
L_FlexibilityLeft leg flexibility in degrees
O_StrengthOverall leg strength in pounds


Data File (tab-delimited text)


The Relationship Between Selected Physical Performance Variables and Football Punting Ability. Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1983.
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This data can be used for example to illustrate a multiple regression in which the overall regression is significance while both variables are insignificant.



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