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Failures of Electronic Equipment

Keywords: poisson regression, identity link, no intercept


The data consist of failures of a piece of electronic equipment operating in two modes. For each operating period, Mode1 is the time spent operating in one mode and Mode2 is the time spent operating in the other. The total number of failures recorded in each period is recorded.

  Variable   Description
  Mode1   Time in operating mode 1
  Mode2   Time in operating mode 2
  Failures   Number of failures


Data File (tab-delimited text)


Jorgenson, D.W. (1961). Multiple regression analysis of a Poisson process. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 56, 235-245.


This is an example of a Poisson regression problem with an identity link. One may also choose to remove the intercept, and to equate the error rates in the two modes. The first observation has an unexpectedly high number of failures for the operating times.



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