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Australian Institute of Sport

Keywords: multiple regression, one or twoway analysis of variance, factors


Data on 102 male and 100 female athletes collected at the Australian Institute of Sport, courtesy of Richard Telford and Ross Cunningham.

Variable Description

Sport Sport
Sex male or female
Ht Height in cm
Wt Weight in kg
LBM Lean body mass
RCC Red cell count
WCC White cell count
Hc Hematocrit
Hg Hemoglobin
Ferr Plasma ferritin concentration
BMI Body mass index = weight/height^2
SSF Sum of skin folds
%Bfat % body fat


Richard Telford and Ross Cunningham, Australian National University.
Cook, R. D., and Weisberg, S. (1994). An Introduction to Regression Graphics. Wiley, New York.


This works well as an example of a one-way or two-way layout by sport and sex, as well as an example of multiple regression. (I have used log-Ferr.)



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