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Cloud Seeding in Tasmania

Keywords: regression, permutation tests.


These data were collected in a cloud-seeding experiment in Tasmania between mid-1964 and January 1971. The rainfalls are period rainfalls in inches.

Seeded  -  S = seeded, U = unseeded
Season  -  Autumn, Winter, Spring Summer
TE  -  rainfall in east target area
TW  -  rainfall in west target area
NC  -  rainfall in north control area
SC  -  rainfall in south control area
NWC  -  rainfall in north-west conrol area


Data file (tab-delimited text)


Miller, A. J., Shaw, D. E., Veitch, L. G., and Smith, E. J. (1979). Analyzing the results of a cloud-seeding experiment in Tasmania. Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, A8 (10), 1017-1047.

The data was recovered from the Statlib datasets directory.


The analysis of Miller et al (1979) used regression techniques and permutation tests.

The rainfalls are definitely non-normal. It is interesting to estimate a transformation or distribution for the measurements.



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