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Age and Length of Dugongs near Townsville

Keywords: nonlinear regression, non-parametric regression


The data give the age and the length of dugongs Dugong dugon (Müller) captured near Townsville in north Queensland, Australia. The lifespan of a dugong is 50-60 years.

These data were working estimates. In particular the method of determining the age of dugong has changed somewhat since the data were recorded.

Variable Description

Age Age in years
Length Length in metres


Data file (tab-delimited text)


Marsh, H. R. (1980). Age determination of the dugong [Dugon dugon (Müller)] in Northern Australia and its biological implications. In W. F. Perrin and A. C. Myrick (Eds.), Age Determination in Toothed Cetaceans and Sirenians, International Whaling Commission, Cambridge.
Dr Helene March, James Cook University, Australia.
Ratkowsky, D. A. (1983). Nonlinear Regression Modelling. Marcel Dekker, New York.


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