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Horse Racing at Eagle Farm

Keywords: multiple regression


Results of horse races at Eagle Farm, Brisbane, on 31 August 1998. The data, collected by Donald Forbes for his MS305 Data Analysis Project, give results for each horse in a sequence of 8 races.

Variable Description

PositionFinishing position
StartersNumber of horses in race
LastFinishing position in last race
SinceDays since last race
NumberIdentifying number of horse in race
CarriedWeight carried
WeightHandicap weight
BarrierBarrier position at start of race
DistanceLength of race
LengthsNumber of lengths that horse finished from winner
OddsStarting odds
StartsNumber of races previously started in
AgeAge of horse in years
RatioProportion of wins in previous starts


Data file (tab-delimited text)


Forbes, D. (1998). A Day at the Races. MS305 Data Analysis Project, Department of Mathematics, University of Queensland.



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