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Treatment for Osteoarthritis

Keywords: repeated measures analysis of variance


Osteoarthritis is a mechanical degeneration of joint surfaces causing pain, swelling and loss of joint function in one or more joints. Physiotherapists treat the affected joints to reduce pain (VAS = visual analogue scale) and to increase the range of movement (ROM). In this study there were 10 subjects, each of whom was treated with continuous TENS (electric nerve stimulation) and short wave diathermy. Measurements were taken also after no treatment.

Variable Description

Subject Subject identifier
NoROM ROM after no treatment
NoVAS VAS after no treatment
TENSROM ROM after continuous TENS
TENSVAS VAS after continuous TENS
SWDROM ROM after short wave diathermy
SWDVAS VAS after short wave diathermy


Data file (tab-delimited text)


Data supplied by Pat Roche, Department of Physiotherapy, University of Queensland.


Effects coding used for categorical variables in model.

Categorical values encountered during processing are:
SUBJECT (10 levels)
          1,        2,        3,        4,        5,        6,        7,
          8,        9,       10
TREATMENT$ (3 levels)
   Diathermy, None, TENS

Dep Var: ROM   N: 30   Multiple R: 0.874   Squared multiple R: 0.764

                             Analysis of Variance

Source             Sum-of-Squares   df  Mean-Square     F-ratio       P

SUBJECT                15720.967     9     1746.774       5.789       0.001
TREATMENT$              1844.467     2      922.233       3.056       0.072

Error                   5431.533    18      301.752



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