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Wide of Ore-Bearing Layer

Keywords: non-parametric regression, thin plate splines.


Data were collected from a mine in Cobar, NSW, Australia. At each of 38 sampling points, several measurements were taken, one of which is the 'true-width' of an ore-bearing rock layer. Also given are the co-ordinates t1 and t2 of of the data sites. Green and Silverman (1994) use this data set to illustrate thin-plate splines for fitting a smooth surface.


Data file (tab-delimited text)


O'Connor, D. P. H., and Leach, B. G. (1979). Geostatistical analysis of 18CC Stope block, CSA mine, Cobar, NSW. Estimation of statement of mineral reserves, pp. 145-153. Australian IMM, Melbourne.
Green, P. J., and Silverman, B. W. (1994). Nonparametric regression and generalized linear models. Chapman and Hall, London.



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