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Evaluation Tools for Stroke Rehabilitation

Keywords: correlation, multiple regression


This was a pilot study for the experiment described in Recovery of Patients from Stroke. The purpose of the study was to compare four evaluation tools for assessing the recovery of patients who had recently suffered a stroke. The four tools were (1) the Goteburg Assessment Form of Hemiplegia, (2) the Bobath Assessment Form, (3) the Barthel Index and (4) the Kenny Scoring System. The Goteburg Assessment was divided into seven components measuring motor function and balance, some sensation qualities, passive range of motion and occurrence of joint pain. The Bobath from evaluates three areas of motor performance, postural reactions, voluntary movement, and balance and automatic protective reactions. The Barthel index and the Kenny Scoring system evaluate ability to carry out activities of daily living such as dressing, feeding, toileting etc. 

Twenty subjects were selected from two large public hospitals in Brisbane. All subjects had recently suffered a cerebrovascular accident resulting in hemiplegia lasting at least 24 hours, had not previously been incapacitated from stroke or other disease and were currently receiving occupational therapy.

Variable Description

Subject Subject ID (1-20)
Sex Male (M) or female (F)
Side Side of brain affected, left (L) or right (R)
Age Age of subject in years
Lapse Time since occurrence of stroke in weeks
Arms Arm and shoulder motor function (max 36)
Legs Lower limb motor function (max 30)
Hands Wrist and hand motor function (max24)
Balance Balance score (max 14)
Sensation Sensation score (max 24)
JointPain Freedom from joint pain (max 24)
JointMotion Passive joint motion (max 24)
Bobath Total of Bobath Assessment Form (max 266)
Barthel Barthel Index (max 100)
Kenny Kenny scoring system of dailing living (max 24)

The researcher chose the Barthel Index and the first five components of the Goteburg Evaluation for use in the later experiment.


Data file (tab-delimited text)


Cropper, C. (1977). Occupational Therapy and the Treatment of Stroke. Honours Thesis T18, Department of Occupational Therapy, University of Queensland, January 1977.




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