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Mark Taylor's Test Cricket Scores

Keywords: paired t-test, censoring


Mark Taylor was Captain of the Australian test cricket team from May 1994 until February 1999. By the middle of 1997, the Australian team has won its 7 consecutive international test series, making Taylor the most successful Australian Captain in history. However his poor batting form from mid 1996 to mid 1997 gave the Australian selectors a dilemma in deciding whether his excellent Captaincy made up for the run of poor scores off his own bat.

The data below gives Mark Taylor's test scores from the middle of 1989 to the middle of 1995, a period over which he was batting well. Scores were made in Australia's first or second innings of each match. Sometimes Australia was not required to bat twice, in which case the second innings is marked as missing. There are also a number of `not outs'.

Variable Description

FirstFirst innings score
SecondSecond innings score (* indicates did not bat)
Third column indicates `not outs'


Data file (tab-delimited text)


CricInfo Database.


MTB > Describe  'First' 'Second'.

Variable        N       N*     Mean   Median  Tr Mean    StDev  SE Mean
First          63        0    45.10    32.00    40.61    43.66     5.50
Second         49       14    41.69    30.00    38.07    41.53     5.93

Variable      Min      Max       Q1       Q3
First        0.00   219.00    10.00    64.00
Second       0.00   164.00    10.50    58.50

MTB > let 'Diff' = 'First' - 'Second'
MTB > Describe  'Diff'.

Variable        N       N*     Mean   Median  Tr Mean    StDev  SE Mean
Diff           49       14    -4.16    -6.00    -3.02    52.15     7.45

Variable      Min      Max       Q1       Q3
Diff      -155.00   115.00   -33.00    28.00



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