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Dryandra Tammar WallabyGrowth of Tammar Wallabies

Keywords: growth curves, random effects


The data give growth measurements on Tammar wallabies (Macropus eugenii). Each line is a set of measurements on an animal at a particular time. Most lengths are in tenths of millimetres. The data from some animals is very fragmentary.

Variable Description

AnimAnimal number
Sex1=male, 2=female
LocaLocation of animal
LengLength of animal (tenths of a millimetre)
HeadHead length
EarEar Length
ArmArm length
LegLeg length
PresPes (foot) length
TailTail length
WeightWeight (tenths of a gram)
AgeAge in days from birth


Data file (tab-delimited text)


Data courtesy of Dr Jeff Wood, CSIRO Biometrics Unit INRE, Canberra.
Mallon, G. (1994). Mixed Linear Models and Applications. Honours Thesis, Department of Mathematics University of Queensland.

Data cleaning and corrections by Professor Heike Hofmann, Department of Statistics, Iowa State University, 13 February 2008.


For his Honours Project, Geoff Mallon used the data to illustrate growth curves with random effect coefficients, using PROC MIXED in SAS.



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