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Statistics Jobs in Australia: 2016 July - September

Nick Cavenagh, 29 September 2016

Tutor in Statistics

The University of Waikato

The University of Waikato
Te Whare Wananga o Waikato


Tutor in Statistics


We will

  • deliver a world-class education and research portfolio
  • provide a full and dynamic university experience which is distinctive in character
  • pursue strong international linkages to advance knowledge

    The over-arching themes of this Vision are:

  • Excellence
  • Distinctiveness
  • International Connectedness


    Ko te mana o Te Whare Wananga o Waikato ka herea ki to tatou:

  • Tu ngatahi me te Maori
  • Mahi pono
  • Whakanui i nga huarahi hou
  • Whakarewa i te hiringa i te mahara

    The University of Waikato places a high value on:

  • Partnership with Maori
  • Acting with integrity
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Promoting creativity

    1. GENERAL

    The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has the full time equivalent of 14 academic staff and offers mathematics and statistics from undergraduate to postgraduate level. The Department, together with the Department of Computer Science, makes up the Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences.


    Tutors provide quality teaching support in lectures, tutorials and workshops, oversee computer laboratories, and undertake paper (course) administration. They are often responsible for implementing assessment of degree credit work under the guidance of Paper Coordinators, and may train and supervise other staff such as sessional assistants.

    The focus of the tutor position is to assist academic staff in teaching and administration. Tutors are not to be primarily responsible for a paper. Administrative roles for the department and Faculty may also be included. Research activities are not part of the Tutor role. (Tutors are not required to undertake research or complete higher degrees as part of their role, and as such are not eligible to apply for research funding. Supervision of postgraduate students is not required.)

    The tutor will primarily be working with statistics subjects but may also be required to help with first-year mathematics papers.


    The Tutor is responsible to the Chairperson of Department.

    The Tutor is responsible in day-to-day work to the Paper Coordinators for the papers that the Tutor is involved with. The Paper Coordinators will approve those paper activities related to their paper that the Tutor is helping with.


    Chairperson of Department
    Academic Program Convenor
    Paper Coordinators
    Other departmental staff
    Sessional assistants

    5. KEY TASKS

    Having regard to the aims and objectives of the University and the long term strategic goals of the Faculty and the University:

  • Under supervision lecture, tutor, and supervise computer laboratory work at undergraduate level.
  • Deliver tutorials in 3 semesters per year. For example A, B and S semester.
  • Under supervision carry out paper marking and assessment activities using approved materials.
  • Assist with the development of teaching materials and with paper revision under the guidance of the Paper Coordinator.
  • Undertake paper-related administration activities.
  • Undertake other suitable administration activities for the Department/Faculty.
  • Organise, train and supervise the work of sessional assistants.
  • Participate in the maintenance of a safe and healthy work environment for self and others including students. Comply with and undertake responsibilities set out in the University's Health and Safety Policy.
  • Any other duties that are consistent with the position held, other than in exceptional circumstances such as rehabilitation after injury or sickness.

    NOTE: Academic staff will have an annual professional goal setting interview with their manager.


    The Tutor will be performing satisfactorily when:

  • Tutoring and related teaching/support is of a high quality and uses modern teaching and assessment techniques.
  • Sessional assistants are well organised and supported with the necessary resources.
  • Paper Coordinators and other academic staff are supported and assisted in paper administration and other related activities.
  • Privacy of student information is maintained within University guidelines.
  • Contributions made to administration and other departmental activities demonstrate initiative and a willingness to support departmental goals and objectives.
  • Safe and healthy work practices are followed that comply with University policies and procedures, relevant work standards and statutory obligations.




  • A postgraduate qualification in Statistics.


  • A PhD in Statistics.



  • Knowledge of Statistics and First-year Mathematics.
  • Proven teaching skills at tertiary level.
  • Marking and assessment skills with high levels of accuracy.
  • Organisational and administrative ability.
  • Good communication and feedback skills.


  • Staff supervisory experience.
  • Curriculum development skills.
  • Organisational and administration ability.


  • A commitment to learning by the students.
  • Self-motivation and a pro-active approach.
  • Demonstrated ability to contribute and operate in a team environment.
  • Able to relate effectively and sensitively to students and staff from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.
  • High levels of professionalism when dealing with staff and students.
  • Commitment to a culture of openness, flexibility and co-operation to achieve excellence in academic programmes, research and service.
  • Commitment to equal opportunity and to the University's partnership with Maori as intended by the Treaty of Waitangi.


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