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Examples: try biometric* or +"research assistant" +1998

Scope: This form searches the database of statistical job announcements. To search other local archives see the Guide to the Web for Statisticians search page.

Note that it is not possible to search for words in advertisements which are stored as gif images. In such cases the search will still find terms appearing in the title, description or keyword list associated with the advertisement.

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To find information about a topic, simply type in a few keywords. If you want to do a more refined search, most queries which work with AltaVista will also work here. For example sas -excel finds documents mentioning SAS but not Excel, +s-plus sas finds documents mentioning S-Plus and preferably SAS as well, biometric* finds biometrics as well as biometrician, and "generalized linear models" finds the complete phrase. A more careful search for a phrase, allowing for different spellings and word endings, might be "generali* linear model*". Detailed help follows below.

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