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Statistics Jobs in Australia: 2016 October - December

Natt Clements, 16 November 2016

Senior Research Officer

Cancer Council Victoria

Position: Senior Research Officer (CBRC.127)
Reports To: David Hill Research Fellow
Classification: Band E


The position is for a researcher to undertake statistical analysis, including structural equation modelling, of multi-level data to investigate the relationship between early responses to advertising exposure and subsequent changes in drinking intentions and behaviours, and to examine associations between independently coded message characteristics and advertising effectiveness. In consultation with the Chief Investigators, the position is responsible for undertaking statistical analysis and reporting of selected quantitative studies within the NHMRC-funded alcohol harm reduction advertising study. The position will report to the David Hill Research Fellow who is a Chief Investigator on the study, and will collaborate with the Senior Research Officer already employed on the study who coordinates study design, data collection and descriptive statistical analysis.

The position will also contribute to the design, implementation and statistical analysis of other selected alcohol- or tobacco-related research studies in CBRC to assess the impact of communications and policies on attitudes and behaviours.

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