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Statistics Jobs in Australia: 2016 October - December

James Doecke, 1 December 2016

Post Doctoral Biostatistician / Bioinformatician

CSIRO and Edith Cowan University

Expression of interest:

CSIRO and Edith Cowan University are seeking expressions of interest for a Post Doctoral Biostatistician/Bioinformatician to join the productive team at Edith Cowan University (ECU), Joondalup, Perth WA. The person would be part of the CSIRO Health and Biosecurity Biostatistics team, working within the Collaborative Genomics Group at ECU. The CSIRO Biostatistics Team consists of a growing group of Biostatisticians, with a major focus on the Biomarkers of Alzheimer's Disease. Team members work within collaborative partnerships in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth, and support a variety of projects from blood based biomarkers, MR and PET imaging and neuropsychological health.

We are looking for expressions of interest for those persons with research interests in the application of biostatistics and bioinformatics. Specifically, the person would be a PhD graduate, from a relevant discipline such as biostatistics, bioinformatics, computational biology or genetics. The graduate will have exceptional skills in programming and data analyses, and will be highly motivated to work on research interests in Alzheimer's Disease.

General enquiries should be directed to either Dr James Doecke (CSIRO, james.doecke@csiro.au), or Associate Professor Simon Laws (ECU, s.laws@ecu.edu.au).


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